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Company Values

The company has a range of policies which define how we interact with our stakeholders.

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Riverside is a values driven company. The values give the company its ethos and culture. In a broad way it defines how the company relates to its stakeholders. This includes customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the wider world.


The company has a range of policies which define how we interact with our stake holders.


• Engage with all activities of the company.

• Ensure everyone achieves their maximum potential.

• Appreciate the contribution that everyone makes to the success of the company.

• Contribute suggestions and improvements in all areas of company activates.

• Consider the ideas of others.

• Take appropriate ownership of tasks, project, and company activities.

Fostering good relationships

• Treat others with respect.

• Develop partnerships with customers through projects and ongoing support.

• React to customer requirements in a timely manner.

• Be honest and open with our dealings with all.

• Develop effective commercial and technical relationships with our suppliers.

• Pay suppliers in timely manner.

Communicating effectively

• If you are unsure of anything – Ask!

• Be prepared to help others.

• Keep the customer informed.

• Listen to others.

• Keep employees informed of the company activities.

Projecting a professional image

• Take ownership of your work area and the common areas.

• Being ready and willing to undertake required tasks.

• Dress and act in a professional manner.

• Be on time for meetings both internally and externally.

• Be organised and prepared for site activity.

• Be friendly and cheerful.


• Comply with company procedures and working instructions.

• Undertake the tasks required.

• Ensure that we comply with customer requirements and standards.

• Have access to the Intranet and use it for documents and procedures.

• Work within the laws of the UK and others as required.

Sustain profitability and target growth

• Be competitive in the market place but not be considered cheap.

• Gain a reputation of doing a high quality job at a good price.

• Gain a reputation for doing complex and technically advanced work.

• Be proactive offer solutions before the customer has a problem.

• Be aware of what we are supplying.

• Be commercially aware – both when purchasing and selling.


• Ensure that employees have the required skills to undertake the task in hand.

• Keep up to date with the latest innovations.

• Expand the skill set of the company through training and mentoring.

• Employ the most suitable technology for the job in hand.

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