Riverside is a values driven company. The values give the company its ethos and culture. In a broad way it defines how the company relates to its stakeholders. This includes customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the wider world.

Engineering Excellence

We appreciate great engineering – creating solutions that make people’s lives easier, safer and better – this is why we come to work.

We tirelessly develop and introduce innovative, high quality solutions that fulfil our customers’ requirements.


We are friendly and approachable in our customer relationships; we aim to offer great service to customers through our helpful, positive approach.

We foster a friendly and pleasant working environment for all our staff and colleagues.


We aim to build customer trust by consistently meeting & exceeding expectations. We trust our staff to act in the best interests of the company and each other through transparent and respectful communication.


We know that sometimes plans change. We have a flexible attitude, and will always try to adapt to the needs and requirements of the customer. We do what is required, when it is required, to get the job done.


We are enthusiastic in our work. We look forward to the new engineering challenges each project brings. We appreciate and recognise the good work of all our staff and colleagues.