We pride ourselves in delivering a service that exceeded our customer’s expectations. We strive to work closely with our customers to add value to the project. It is our goal to form long term relationships to the benefit of our customers, suppliers, employees and the company.

Our engineering teams have a wealth of experience in delivering some of the most complex process control solutions to the most demanding customers, our technical implementation expertise is second-to-none.


A critical ingredient in the success of a project is the Functional Specification. A detailed and comprehensive document ensures that there is full agreement between the customer and supplier. At Riverside Automation Limited we have a wide range of experience in their preparation. The documents are prepared in close consultation with our customer and our experience with other processes and industries over a wide area adds value beyond the basic implementation of the customer requirements. In many cases we find the customer does not have a complete picture and we are able to suggest a range of suitable feature and facilities to enhance the final product.


When we undertake a project you can be sure that we deliver a quality system that fully meets your requirements.

Each project is given a manager that is responsible for delivering on all the customer’s expectations. The team will have the skills required to deliver the project in a timely manner to the agreed budget. The team all take ownership of the project. It is understood that the make a project work successfully continuity of personnel is very important. It is the company policy that people stay with the project from start to finish and the people engineering the solution will be on site to make is work.

Site surveys

If you are unsure of the extent of your existing system we can perform a site survey and produce a detailed document that includes existing I/O, controllers, SCADA, networks and software. This can then be used to plan an upgrade path.

Feasibility studies

What do you require to upgrade your existing system? We can carry out a feasibility study that includes the networks, hardware and software to that you require to meet your latest requirements.

Energy monitoring

The cost of energy can make a large contribution to the cost of manufacturing. We can supply energy monitoring systems that allow your energy usage to be monitored and highlight the areas where large savings can be made.


Before any of our systems are delivered to the customer they undergo rigorous testing including simulation of plant devices and processes. We encourage our customers to witness these tests to ensure their expectation have been fully realised. This testing minimises the commissioning time and ensures that production mile stones can be met.


Riverside Automation are able to offer support from post project to ongoing maintenance. Our service can be tailored to meet your needs from an office hours phone service to a 24 hours 7 days a week service. We can offer a maintenance service with regular site visits to backup software, check spares and perform application updates.

Our support contracts have a dedicated hot line number which connects directly with an engineer who is familiar with your system to addresses problems immediately.

As part of a support contract we offer a remote access so that issues can be addresses immediately with reference to real time information.


We offer a range of training to meet all needs. On a bespoke project training for operators using the system, maintenance technicians fault finding and managers using the collected data for production monitoring.

We are also able to offer training on individual technology such as PLC and SCADA applications. The suppliers of the equipment and software offer training on their products in a general way delivered by experts. We are able to focus the training on the system you have installed. Our engineers have a wealth of experience in implementing the equipment in the real world and can tailor the training to the technology that you use.

The simulation of the plant used for testing the control software and SCADA can be invaluable for training of operators prior to a new installation.

Training can be delivered either on site or at our offices.


It is the company policy that the people that engineer the project are on site to make it work. This means that any changes to the customers requirements can be made quickly and accurately avoiding any time delays.