Our meticulous attention to detail means that your process control and automation system will be designed correctly from the outset. Our approach is proven to shorten the time and reduce the effort involved in implementation.

We have excellent relationships with leading providers, including Rockwell PLC, Siemens, Wonderware and GE Fanuc and we utilize the latest and best technology solutions to meet customer requirements.


Our engineers have extensive process and industry knowledge along with their expertise in control system design. This ensures that a customer’s requirements can be encompassed in a detailed functional specification. Before work begins on the generation of the detailed system all parties are in agreement as to how the system will word and the features and facilities that are included.


We have the capability to design and supply a wide range of panels from a simple cabinet containing a PLC to a complex system including drives, weighers, encoders etc.

Our engineers have implemented solutions for all the major suppliers of PLCs including a wide range of I/O structures, modules, networks and processors.

In addition to the latest technology we are familiar with a range of legacy systems.

Rockwell – ControlLogic, CompactLogic, PLC5 SLC

Siemens – S5, S7, TIAPortal

Mitsubishi – Q series FX series

Omron – CS1, CJ2

Legacy PLCs – Texas, GEM80


The most visible part of a control system is the user interface, it is the shop window of your automation system. The clarity and ease of use of the interface is of paramount importance. Our engineers are highly skilled in producing user interfaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and intuitive to use for the operator. A well-crafted interface ensures minimum downtime and maximum production as the operator is able to control the plant accurately and respond to changes quickly.

In addition to the latest technology we are familiar with a wide range of legacy systems.

The graphical interface can include a wide range of information including live CCTV, historical trending, batch status, plant status.

Web enabled interfaces allow the operator to use a wide variety of devices to monitor and control the system including PCs, ipads, phones etc from any location in the world.

Text and email messages can be automatically sent to alert the required personnel to a problem for a quick response.

  • FactoryTalk View
  • WinCC
  • PanelView+
  • Intouch
  • iFix
  • Fix32
  • ArchestrA
  • Iconics
  • Mitsubishi E series


An important part of any control system is the interaction with high level systems for both the collection of data and the download of manufacturing information.

We are able to implement a wide range of data collection solutions from simple trending of plant parameters to the generation of complex production reports and test certificates. The recording and analysis of material and energy usage along with production information ensues the minimisation of waste and time so maximising profit.

The interface to enterprise application software allows recipes and production schedules to be downloaded to the automation systems in real time.

Networks and communications

We have designed and implemented networks and communication protocols for a range of customers, industries and technologies.

  • EthernetIP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, DH+,RIO
  • Modbus, Profibus
  • ProfiNet
  • DNP3, IEC61850, NR17503
  • Melsec net
  • Mitsubishi CClink

In addition to the latest technology we are familiar with a wide range of legacy systems.